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Posted by sjellin.dovetail on 18-Nov-2015 07:29

Hi All,

   Linux, OE11.4 CPINTERNAL is 8859-1 

    I'm not sure if anyone has encountered the following before -->

    Webservice with output longchar that returns a UTF-8 XML string (alledgedly).

    When the XML contains any accented letters or certain other chars then a .net client calling the webservice can't parse the XML.

    If i write a test program i get data - however if i COPY-LOB the utf-8 longchar to disk its also mangled.  If I repeat the same with NO-CONVERT the xml appears valid and can be opened as a valid XML file from disk.

    The following hilights the issue i'm having ->

1. - This when opened up in IE, xmlnotepad etc is perfectly valid


CREATE ttData.
ttData.MyValue = "Annie Kotzé".

FOR EACH ttData:

TEMP-TABLE ttData:WRITE-XML("FILE","C:\temp\out.xml",TRUE,"UTF-8").

2.This writes "improper" text to disk (implicit convert i'm guessing).

    replace TEMP-TABLE ttData:WRITE-XML("FILE","C:\temp\out.xml",TRUE,"UTF-8"). with


    FIX-CODE-PAGE(cData) = "UTF-8".


    copy-lob cData to file "c:\temp\out.xml").

3. Same as 2 above but change     copy-lob cData to file "c:\temp\out.xml"). ti     copy-lob cData to file "c:\temp\out.xml") NO-CONVERT.  This is now "valid".

    So I'm thinking that there is some kind of implicit conversion happening between the procedures output longchar and the adapter / tomcat ? 

     any ideas ?

   Thanks in advance :)

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Posted by Garry Hall on 18-Nov-2015 07:46

The "implicit conversion" is the same implicit conversion if you use OUTPUT TO "foo.txt". If you don't tell the AVM what the target codepage is, it will use -cpstream. The COPY-LOB statement (and the LONGCHAR itself) has no knowledge that the data in the LONGCHAR is an XML document with an encoding declaration. The document contains the text 'encoding="UTF-8"', but that is just a string of text to the LONGCHAR.  COPY-LOB is doing what you asked it to do: copy the LONGCHAR of a given codepage to a file. Since there is no CONVERT TARGET CODEPAGE on your COPY-LOB, it is implicitly converting to -cpstream.

Posted by sjellin.dovetail on 18-Nov-2015 07:55

Hi Garry,

  I guessed as much with the copy-lob - but it seems (if i delete the odd chars out the source db tables) that there is another implicit conversion going on between the procedure and the webservice adapter/tomcat too (which is what I was trying to imply with my examples).  If there _is_ an implicit conversion going on is there any way to make it not happen ? :)

Posted by Garry Hall on 18-Nov-2015 08:11

Sorry, I am not sure I make the connection between what your samples show and the "implicit conversion going on between the procedure and the webservice adapter/tomcat". If I understand you correctly, you have an OE web service that is generating an XML response, and this XML response is malformed because the encoding declaration states the document is UTF-8 but it contains malformed UTF-8 chars. Is this correct? And the malformed XML looks the same as the output from your code sample above. Is this correct?

Posted by sjellin.dovetail on 18-Nov-2015 08:25

The webservice has (as one of) an output that is a string field.  The dataset is written to a longchar, and the longchar is passed back out.  it might be completely co-incidental but when chars such as é are in the output it mangles only those chars.  When those chars are removed and a straight copy-lob to disk shows the XMl as parseable - the callee of the webservice also has success.

Posted by Garry Hall on 18-Nov-2015 08:40

It sounds like the same conversion is happening, which is why the character is mangled. Is it specific subset of accented characters that are affected, or are all non-ASCII chars affected?

Can you provide a code sample of what is happening in your web service? From your description, you have:

procedure wsproc:

 define output parameter cout as longchar no-undo.



Is this correct?

I would suggest logging a call with TS with a reproducible case to get a better understanding of where the conversion is happening. I don't believe this is a bug, I just can't put my finger on the exact place this conversion is happening. it might be your -cpstream again, converting data before sending to the WSA. Is it possible to try a simple case with -cpstream UTF-8 on the appserver agents?

Posted by Piotr Ryszkiewicz on 18-Nov-2015 09:29

Have a look at these KB entries:



I did not analyse your case, but at first glimpse it may have something in common.

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