Rest Application OE WebServers, Ports and Tomcat

Posted by Elsworth Burmeister on 10-Nov-2015 07:03


Senario… We have a few rest service applications running off the default restmgr1 webserver. Now for maintenance issues this is not a great idea I don’t think… as I only want to maintain rest services that are related to each other on a specific oe web server for a specific project if this makes sense, Its pointless taking down everything if only one service needs maintenance.

So right now we I have the following: OE webserver (restmgr1) -> Managing Services:

1) Service A –Project A

2) Service B –Project B

3) Service C –Project A

I would like to move away from the default restmgr as well. I would like the following structure.

OE Webserver(Project A) Managing Services:

1) Service A –Project A

2) Service C –Project A

OE Webserver(Project B) Managing Services:

1) Service C –Project B

Now ive tried creating Webservers but using the same URL as restmgr 1 lets both webservers (the new one created and restmgr1) have the same services so that’s a no go. I was informed that I would need to create multiple instances of tomcat with a different port for each that would link up to the websever url -> http://localhost:/oerm At the same time we are not using the same Tomcat that is shipped with openedge, we are using tomcat 8 installed to c:\Tomcat 8.0. Has anyone done something like this to put me on the correct path here… every attempt has fail and webserver will not start!

OE: 11.3 OS: Windows Server 2012. Tomcat 8.0

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Posted by Ramadevi Dhavala on 11-Nov-2015 23:38


Can you please confirm us that whether you are trying this from PDSOE (Progress developer studio for OpenEdge)?

If you are trying this from PDSOE, publishing the rest services to external tomcat is not supported. We only can publish to the PDSOE shipped tomcat instance (oe webserver or restmgr1). We can create multiple instances of oe webserver from servers view and can publish the required no. of rest services to respective oe webserver (restmgr1).

And the official Tomcat version that is supported by PDSOE is Tomcat 7.



Posted by Elsworth Burmeister on 11-Nov-2015 23:57

creating an oe web server using the same url as restmgr1 is the problem... as the new oe webserver and restmgr1 would  have the same services... i want each instance of the oe webserver to have its own services

Posted by Ramadevi Dhavala on 12-Nov-2015 01:54


To have each instance of the oe webserver to have its own services, we have two ways:

1. Have PDSOE tomcat and  the external tomcat on the same machine and run them on different ports. Publish the first set of required services to the PDSOE tomcat using the default instance.

For the second set of services, from project explorer, export the rest services as war files using the ‘Export’ right click context menu option of the Rest services under Defined Services. Copy the $DLC\servlets\oerm.war to External tomcat install directory/webapps folder. Copy the exported wars to the external tomcat and make it up. We can create a oe web server instance for this external tomcat by providing the appropriate port number in the url. But we can't perform all the actions like start,deploy,clean etc from server view.

2. Have the OpenEdge tomcat on local and remote machines, from the local machine, create a restmgr instance for the remote PDSOE tomcat and can publish the required services to local and the remote tomcat instances. So that different set of services can be published to different instances of the oe webserver.



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