What other things PDS is doing during save?

Posted by jquerijero on 03-Nov-2015 12:43

I'm trying to figure out if there are some things that I can turn off to make saving in PDS faster. I already turned off auto-compile after save.

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Posted by Blake Stanford on 03-Nov-2015 14:28

Some things I found which help:

Turn Off

 Preferences->Progress Openedge->Editor->Build->Compile on save if required

 Preferences->Progress Openedge->Editor->Apply keywords casing on save

Posted by Brian K. Maher on 03-Nov-2015 14:40

Here are some general things I found helped another customer make PDSOE generally faster...

- Go into Window-> Preferences-> General ->Stardup and Shutdown and disable plugins you do not need so they don't load at startup

- Add the following line to the end of the $DLC\oeide\eclipse.ini


Go into Window -> Preferences -> General -> Editors -> Text Editors -> Spelling and uncheck the 'Enable spell checking' option

- The options listed in the following URL are good. In particular, tips 2, 4 (specifically the -Xverify:none option ) and 5 are ones I would suggest you implement. http://www.nicolasbize.com/blog/7-tips-to-speed-up-eclipse/ 

- Turn off label decorations by going to Window -> Preferences -> General -> Appearance -> Label Decorations and unchecking as many of the entries in the list as possible

- If you are running 64-bit PDSOE, in $DLC/oeide/eclipse.ini, increase the values for the -Xms and -Xmx options.  I use "2048m" as the value for both (seems to be fine for me, your mileage may vary).

Cheers, Brian


Posted by jquerijero on 03-Nov-2015 14:57

Thanks. I'm seeing some improvements now.

Posted by Sanjeva Manchala on 04-Nov-2015 14:41

By default when you save some file, Build process getting kicked off and it will build all the dependencies. You can turn of “Build Automatically” option from Project menu options (Project > Build Automatically). You have to build manually once final editing completes.
Hope this helps,

Posted by jquerijero on 04-Nov-2015 15:46

Build Automatically is already turned off.

Posted by Jeff Ledbetter on 05-Nov-2015 01:16

If you are using the Roundtable plug-in, after a save, the Roundtable builder will run as well (if you are using Roundtable) and the content will be saved on the central Workspace (if the Object has a share-status of “Central”).
Jeff Ledbetter
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