OE Class Room Edition Installation Problem

Posted by cheriangeorge on 30-Oct-2015 13:55

Installation does not seem to work. My hard disk just goes crazy because the Setup.exe is making millions of reads and it taking up 20% of CPU but other than that nothing seems to be happening. Any ideas would be welcome.

Please note that I have another 11.3 & 10.1B install on the same machine. Could that be why ?

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Posted by James Palmer on 30-Oct-2015 17:54

Check out this thread: community.progress.com/.../21039

Should hopefully put you right.

Posted by Kevin Aspindle on 03-Nov-2015 10:51

@James thanks for the help.

It should be noted that OEDK: Classroom Edition is aimed at developers who are new to OpenEdge, so was not intended to be installed alongside other copies of PDS for OE.  But should developers be curious and want to try it out then editing the response.ini file will help - view the Installation Guide in the Documents tab of the OpenEdge Classroom Group.

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