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Posted by ankitshukla on 28-Oct-2015 05:02

I have complete setup for web service calling in my environment. When I tried with SOAP UI it works. In my OE environment I have generated the Operation Index and other stuffs using the command like this

call %DLC%\bin\bprowsdldoc -show100style -b %WSDL_LOCATION%\TMSOnline.wsdl %WSDL_GEN_DOC%\TMSOnline

The document shows three parameter should pass in operation procedure 
1) <oLogin>
2) <oOperation>
3) This is for Outputting the response received.

While In SOAP UI both parameter clubbed like this in single request

Above two approaches working fine one with two parameter in OE environment and Other with single request in SOAPUI.

But I want that in OE environment this should work with passing Single Request  not by passing two separate Request Parameter. Can any body tell me if there is any way to do this thing in OE environment?


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Posted by hmariwa on 28-Oct-2015 15:56

Hi Ankit,

Did your  ABL client run successfully with option #1 (two input parameter & 1 output parameter).?

When -show100style option is specified, the WSDL analyzer will  first try it best  to generate the SOAP parameters in "wrapped form" (single wrapped input parameter), otherwise,  it will  document each parameter as an ABL data type (unwrapped form).


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