AutoEdge|TheFactory Mobile Sample Application

Posted by EmilioFerrera on 27-Oct-2015 11:48

I try to configure "AutoEdge|TheFactory Mobile Sample Application" within the Developer Studio 11.5 Evaluation.

In the page:

Adding the OE Web Server to PDSOE
Follow the steps to add the OE Web Server to PDSOE:
1. In PDSOE, change the view to Servers view by selecting Window > Show View > Servers from the main menu.
2. In the Servers view tab, right-click anywhere in the tab and select New > Server.
3. In the New Server wizard that opens, select the OE Web Server that you want to add and click Next.
4. Select the default OE Web Server, restmgr1 and click Next.
5. In the Add and Remove page that appears, add the SecurityTokenService and VehicleOrService to the OE Web Server using the Add button.
6. Click Finish.
To be able to add servers, ensure that you can connect to the OE Explorer using the credentials for web-based OpenEdge Management or Explorer (http://localhost:9090/). The default credentials for accessing OpenEdge Management or Explorer are Username: admin and password: admin.

In Section 5, I can not locate services SecurityTokenService and VehicleOrService.
what can I do?

Thanks a lot

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Posted by Sanjeva Manchala on 28-Oct-2015 09:53

Hi EmilioFerrera,
SecurityTokenService and VehicleOrderService are available under Defined Services node of AETF Mobile Sample project. When you try to create a new OE Web Server, in the last page you can see these services as shown in below screenshot:
Hope this helps,

Posted by EmilioFerrera on 28-Oct-2015 13:00

Thanks for your answer.

I think I've done something wrong: I download and unzip the file:

Then from PDSOE:  Import >Existing Proyects into Workspace

And I got the following projects:

(Miguel and CustomerReport are other tests)

Possibly the zip file is not correct. Could you tell me where I can download the correct file?

Thank you

Emilio Ferrera

Posted by Sanjeva Manchala on 28-Oct-2015 13:17

I’m not sure about the external link. But you can download the project from PDSOE Samples section after launching PDSOE. Here are the instructions to download from PDSOE.

1.       Launch PDSOE

2.       Go to Help menu and then click on Welcome menu item

3.       Select Samples icon from Welcome page

4.       Go to OpenEdge Mobile section and then select “AutoEdge|The factory Mobile Sample” and then click Open button as shown in Below screeshot.


5.       After downloading “Import” dialog will open and say OK to import the project PDSOE workspace.

Hope this helps,

Posted by Peter Judge on 28-Oct-2015 13:26

The zip you've downloaded does not contain the mobile sample code.
If you follow Sanjeev's instructions you will get that.

Posted by EmilioFerrera on 29-Oct-2015 12:43

Hello Sanjeev and Peter, thank you very much. I am very happy with your fast help.

Autoedge Factory already got installed. Now I try to make it work.

Emilio Ferrera

Posted by EmilioFerrera on 06-Nov-2015 11:23

Last chance. I feel quite embarrassed and stupid.I do not understand how something that seems so easy to me as problematic. I started again from the beginning several times, I uninstalled and reinstalled Progress, I have disabled antivirus and firewall, but I can not continue from point 1.5 MOBILE WEB APPLICATION. Always the same error occurs:

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance

Emilio Ferrera

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