OpenEdge Framework OF-1 in Version 3.3 released

Posted by on 21-Oct-2015 11:02

OF-1 is a kind of multi UI framework for OpenEdge which implements an OO framework with .NET and HTML5 UI. OF-1 is a long term stable product with a strong technical focus.

Version 3.3 have - besides more function implementations - a lot of platform support enhancements:
- OF-1 Designer (T4Plugin) OE 11.4/11.5 support (Eclipse 4.x)
- General OE 64-bit support: Designer, Runtime, UI, Libraries
- Support latest .NET Ultra Controls (Infragistics) shipped with OE 11.4/11.5
- PASOE support (Pacific Appserver for OpenEdge)
- New generic Windows client with auto-update for Java Skin-Client

If you are interested in that technical approach, have a look at:

Or ask me :)


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Posted by Garry Hall on 23-Oct-2015 15:28

Thank you for contributing this to the community.

Posted by on 14-Jul-2016 09:38

The new OF-1 version 3.4 is available!

OF-1 release 3.4 focus on overall performance improvements.

There are 3 main technical aspects:

1) Asynchronous data fetching will get data for independent subscreens with separate AppServer calls. So that is the idea of having independent areas on the screen, which can call for data independently. A massive speed up.

Screen-caching will keep a screen when closing (hide & reuse), this is much faster then to remove and rebuild the screen.

Creating a lot of objects you need for a screen (widgets and a lot of invisible objects) is not too fast in the ABL :)

So reuse some thousand of objects is much faster - a screen then shows up instantly.

Many components (Ribbon Bars, Toolbars, Subscreens...) have performance and usability improvements.

Going through all of them makes a screen 20-50% faster.

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