Messenger api - How to alert remote users from within a OE a

Posted by OctavioOlguin on 15-Oct-2015 13:08


I'm in a hurry....

I need to send some alerts to some users when roaming.

I'm currently developing the appserver  routines that eventually will become a mobile app (as soon as the sales reps here in Mexico figure out what's the status of oe mobile to telerik transit, as no one seems to know a clue about that well anounced migration.

There used to be a Skype api, but no longer available....

What's the oe world doing for this purposes?  something like Push notifications.



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Posted by Roger Blanchard on 15-Oct-2015 13:16

It is exactly push "like" about it. You would create a mobile app in Telerik or migrate existing OEMobile to Telerik (that is what we did). You would then enable the PN plugin in the mobile app that is used to register/receive PN from the Telerik PN server. You would then add ABL logic to send PN to the Teleik PN server.

Posted by Matt Baker on 15-Oct-2015 13:17

Telerik has this capability, and you can use the OpenEdge HTTP client adapter (or something like wget if you’re on an older release) to push data to if you want to send stuff from appserver.
Or just email if you don’t have a mobile application yet.

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