Support For UFT-8 using Data Server For Oracle

Posted by nilesh_pharate on 08-Oct-2015 10:18

I am using progress 10.2B with Oracle 11g DB (using data server for oracle) and want to use Arabic language in application and store same in DB.

I have created new schema holder and started it with parameters with UTF-8 (cpinternal etc parameters).

When I connect to Oracle DB without using Ora-Broker then I am able to update data in Arabic (this means there is no issue from oracle side),  but when I use Ora-broker to connect to DB and then execute same code, it is not working. It is updating some garbage characters(like box or star).

Anybody came across such problem? Do I need to do any changes in configuration of Ora-Brokers and  also?

Your suggestions and comments are appreciated.

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Posted by Garry Hall on 08-Oct-2015 10:30

I don't know the specifics of DSV, but it sounds like something is either not being converted correctly or being converted too many times. Can you provide your startup parameters for the various processes involved (especially the Ora-Broker)? This might also include the information in $DLC/

Posted by nilesh_pharate on 09-Oct-2015 01:01

@Garry Hall: Thanks... Please find below parameters used for Ora-Brokers.

-cpinternal UTF-8

-cpstream UTF-8

-cpcoll Basic

-cpcase Basic

-d dmy

-numsep 44

-numdec 46

-svub -S X -N TCP -U X -P X -hs 0 -s 40

In my opinion those are pretty much supporting UTF-8. Please add your inputs. Anyone else have came across such problem? Your suggestions are much appreciated.

Posted by sgarg on 09-Oct-2015 03:32

To work with Unicode configuration in Oracle DataServer, the schema holder code page needs to be utf-8 and the OCI driver code page should match with the schema holder code page, so NLS_LANG=.AL32UTF8  also required to be set in the DataServer environment. For broker configuration, NLS_LANG is supposed to be set before starting the orabroker at the shell where the broker is started from, to avoid any data loss due to incompatible code page conversion.



Posted by nilesh_pharate on 09-Oct-2015 04:25

@Sachin: NLS_LANG=.AL32UTF8 has been already set in DSV environment. Also Ora-Brokers are restarted. Still it is not working as expected. Only one thing observed that when we do not use Ora-Broker to connect Oracle, it is working well, but when we use Ora-Broker to connect to Oracle, it is not working.

Posted by sgarg on 09-Oct-2015 05:26

Is it set in the broker environment. In other words in the shell/command the orabroker is started from. because this setting is needed by the Oracle client library that is loaded by the Oracle DataServer started by the Orabroker. If you are setting it to the client environment that will not have any effect in broker configuration

Posted by nilesh_pharate on 10-Oct-2015 01:02

Yes. It has been set in broker environment.  

Posted by sgarg on 12-Oct-2015 01:45

This could be a bug. Please contact Progress Technical Support for further assistance. You should provide details to replicate the issue.

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