Automatic import of bank statements

Posted by A B on 06-Oct-2015 03:15

Does anyone know how to go about, or where to get more information, on how to set up bank feeds which allow you to automatically import bank statements into an application written with progress. This means not manually downloading the excel statements, so should all happen automatically when the user logs in in the morning.

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Posted by kevin_saunders on 06-Oct-2015 05:55

I would expect that your bank would have a supported process in place for this sort of thing.

Posted by A B on 07-Oct-2015 01:01

I have contacted so many banks, even their IT people and not one of them can help me... so frustrating.

Posted by Gunnar.Vogt on 14-Oct-2015 15:43


I'm not sure if I completely understand your problem, but I assume that you currently have to login into your banks web site and request your current statement. It will than send to you as an Excel file which you upload into your system.

If this so and you would like to automate this you need to check if your bank provides a Web Service + API you can connect to. You will need to write a program that does the following:

- connect to you bank via SSL using a given WSDL file and the given login data

- start a request for a bank statement (see description in WSDL)

- read returned XML

- interpret this XML and save data to your system

If that is what you are looking for have a look at the and search for SALESFORCE as an example.

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