Posted by monae on 16-Sep-2015 07:58

WITH excel 2010 the command is

 DDE EXECUTE sys command "[SET.PAGE.BREAK]".

does anybody knows how it becomes with excel2013

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Posted by Matt Gilarde on 17-Sep-2015 03:11

Do you get any errors when using the "[SET.PAGE.BREAK]" command with Excel 2013?

Posted by monae on 17-Sep-2015 04:04

no i don't get any error  but  nothing happens , the page break does not work ,

and this happens with many other commands.they do not work with excel 2013

Posted by Frank Meulblok on 21-Sep-2015 04:22

Do you check the DDE-ERROR attribute on the DDE frame (=the frame specified in the DDE INITIATE statement) after the DDE EXECUTE ?

That's how you can confirm which errors (if any) are happening.

If there really are no errors, you may want to check on more Microsoft-oriented communities to find out what changed between the different Excel releases; the change in behavior seems to be on their end.

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