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Posted by RAJ DEV on 10-Sep-2015 02:03

Hi all,

   I have an isuue, can anyone help me buddy.


1) To delete terminated orders codes from requested status of active order records,These are appearing while doing the active orders.

2) Also, Need to prevent the system from selecting the terminated order while doing any active orders

3) Would require to provide a log file of all affected. Assumption: let us assume that there was order(table) which has mapped to item(table) and order got successfully terminated but again while making the next/ new order to item table mapping, am receiving the terminated records which shouldn't be the case, I Should be making the new orders/mapping without any previous /terminated records data. Task to handle:

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Posted by RAJ DEV on 10-Sep-2015 02:06

can anyone give your ideas

Posted by Garry Hall on 11-Sep-2015 15:00

Your question might need to be explained in more detail to get useful responses from our community members. On the surface, it seems like a matter of providing the right criteria for a query, but without knowing your application and schema, it is hard identify an exact solution.

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