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Posted by Ramon on 20-Aug-2015 05:57

Hi ,

I am not sure what I am doing wrong to get this error :

a No-Schema-marshall table cannot be used as a parameter where the receiving side does not have a pre-prepared schema.

I have removed the -ttmarshal parameter from my startup parameters list , but still showing when I try to execute my application.

Thanks in advance


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Posted by Garry Hall on 20-Aug-2015 07:16

I would guess you are setting either the SCHEMA-MARSHAL or NO-SCEMA-MARSHAL attributes on the temp-table. Query these attributes right before you pass the temp-table to see.

Posted by Ramon on 20-Aug-2015 07:26

Theoretically we are Marshalling everything , but  let me check again. Before was no problem as this parameter was  never in the startup section , but I added and used it to test some performance in our table index and then when I try to remove it is when the error starts.

Posted by Lieven De Foor on 21-Aug-2015 09:03

Either the parameter is still there as startup parameter (pf file or on the command line), or you're specifying it in code as attribute to a temp-table...

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