Pacific Server 11.5.1 Java not fully compatible

Posted by Andrzej_Sz on 20-Aug-2015 03:56

After starting Pacific Server in DevStudioForOE I've got a series of system messages "A program running on this computer is trying to display a message ... program is not fully compatible with Windows" from Java.

DevStudio is 64-bit and it runs in Windows7Professional 64-bit environment.

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Posted by Ruben Dröge on 20-Aug-2015 04:36

To prevent this message from popping up you could disable the System Event Notification Service. Go to Services (RUN: services.msc) and lookup this service. You can stop it here and set startup to manual instead of automatic.

Posted by Andrzej_Sz on 20-Aug-2015 07:42

Is it possible to configure Studio to use compatible version of Java from the computer ?

Posted by Irfan on 20-Aug-2015 07:56

Compatible Java version for OpenEdge is already available in $DLC/jdk

Posted by Andrzej_Sz on 20-Aug-2015 08:09

But "system notification" just displays message from "c:\oe11\openedge\jdk\bin\java.exe" program.

Posted by Keerthy Yeddula on 21-Aug-2015 01:15


You can prevent this dialog by disabling "Interactive Service Detection" service from Services window. Following are the steps to disable "Interactive Service Detection" service:

1. Click on Start and type in services.msc in the search box.

2. Locate the Interactive Services Detection.

3. Right click on the service and stop it.

Hope this helps.



Posted by Andrzej_Sz on 21-Aug-2015 04:45

I'm not sure I should change system services  to stop annoying messages. I expected it is possible by change in OE configuration (Studio or PAS).

Posted by Keerthy Yeddula on 01-Sep-2015 03:52

This only happens when "Interactive Services Detection" service is enabled. If you want to keep the setting enabled following is the workaround.

While installing if you select "Register as a Service" option for PAS then this dialog will not popup or you can register the PAS instance as a windows service explicitly by following the steps:

1. Log into OEM/OEE.

2. Navigate to Pacific Application Server > oepas1 page.

3. Click on 'Register as a Service' link in Oepas1 page.



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