Viper - printing for OpenEdge - version 3.3 is available

Posted by on 04-Aug-2015 08:59

Viper is made for OpenEdge / 4GL and long term stable (since 1997).

Technically Viper is a DLL, which is loaded from the 4GL. The interface is encapsulated into a 4 GL API and access to the layout from the Viper Designer is given through an interactive 4GL interface. We deliver a viewer for the report format, but creating PDF for cloud and SaaS printing is easy.

Viper Architecture

In Windows we use the printer driver. In Unix we can deliver PostScript or PDF. Viper is a long term stable product and under maintenance since 1997.

Look here:


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Posted by Rom Elwell on 04-Aug-2015 09:07

Thanks Klaus.  Any rough timeframe for when Viper v4.0 will be released?   We are eager to see how well Viper will integrate with Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge and Cloud-based solutions.

Posted by on 12-Aug-2015 07:41

Hello Rom,

our roadmap first has a new version of OF-1 and then the next versions of Viper and PCase - both then as 'all new' stand alone versions. So I fear it will be Oktober

But I mean this year ;)


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