Multiuser database recovery..

Posted by Madaks06 on 02-Aug-2015 23:45

please can you help me out on this one..

After a power cut PROGRESS 9.0A database wont open but displays messages 1886, 1887.& 1888.
How do we recover the database?

The database was in multi user mode.

thank you..

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Posted by George Potemkin on 03-Aug-2015 01:52

For those who like me don't remember all Progress messages by their numbers:

PROGRESS   broker of dataservers begins, pid <pid>, log is <logname>. (1886)

Shutdown message received. (1887)

BROKER: ORASRV variable does not contain ORACLE server module. (1888)

Madaks06, it looks like you are trying to start Oracle DataServer. Right?

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