DocxFactory. Question on 32 bits vs. 64 bits

Posted by OctavioOlguin on 29-Jul-2015 12:21


I'm using DocxFactory ( from fellow Alon Blich.   (Such a great solution by the way).

Trying to deploy to appserver, It come to me this question, as the product needs to be compiled certain libraries..

Appserver is running 32 bits, and PDSOE is 64 bits.  

Am I safe of compiling on 64 bit and move .r to 32 runtine...?

Just a last minute hesitation, as I deployed the entire application to be run by 32 bit client networking.

(P.S. forgive the  unsolicited add, chech docxfactory. It helped me subsitute vpxprint's high cost).

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Posted by Garry Hall on 29-Jul-2015 15:00

Without actually looking at the docxfactory source code, r-code is portable between 32-bit and 64-bit platforms provided it complies with the r-code portability guidelines:

If the code makes calls to DLLs, then you might face some problems with calling signatures (width of pointers, size of structures).

Posted by blichal on 30-Jul-2015 02:34

Hello Octavio,

We use and I know of others using DocxFactory with 32bit r-code and 64bit r-code.

Worst case, if there is a problem then you can compile 2x versions of the r-code and change the PROPATH according to the environment?

If I'm not mistaken, the Progress wrapper for Progress only passes integers, decimals and characters.

If you have any problems, please feel free to contact me at anytime at or alon.blich @skype.

BTW the Progress sources are available and the C++ sources will be available this year (I still have a few other developments to finish first) but if you need the sources to fix the problem, it's not an issue.

Thank you for using the project! :)

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