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Posted by ezequielmontoya on 23-Jul-2015 16:26

Hello, one of our workstations is hanging one or two times a day with the following message:

"Disconnect from server, server received invalid message code (2661)"

Is not always the same .r.

V 9.1C, Windows network, Windows 8.1 workstation.

There is no help at the KB, and the only reference found in Internet is this

It's from Y2K, and there is no solution, can somebody help me, please?

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Posted by TheMadDBA on 23-Jul-2015 16:49

Well to be fair your Progress release is from around the same time :-)

First off the standard disclaimers here.... 9.1C isn't supported and certainly not on Windows 8.1.

My first suspect would be either Windows Firewall on the workstation or a firewall or network issue between the workstation and the server.

What if any errors do you see in the DB logs around the same time?

Posted by ezequielmontoya on 24-Jul-2015 15:16

Well to be fair your Progress release is from around the same time :-)

​So true!

In my defense​: We bought 11.5, but the current ERP is in 9.1C

​The Workstation has an Eset Antivirus installed, I'll check its firewall and let you know.

The .lg didn't help, but maybe next time...

(So far, today the workstation goes well, no hanging)

​Thank you!

Posted by Libor Laubacher on 24-Jul-2015 15:20

You might also want to disable TCP Chimney offload on the 8.1 both on the NIC driver and NIC itself

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