Having a wierd 'Errno=13. (98)' problem

Posted by Venky on 09-Jul-2015 09:03

When writing files, I have a situation where writing '.txt' file works alright but '.html' fails with above error.

Any specific reason and how can this be solved.



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Posted by Garry Hall on 09-Jul-2015 09:11

Can you provide more information on this? What ABL code are you using? Can you create a '.html' file in this same directory from outside OE?

Posted by James Palmer on 09-Jul-2015 09:12

OS and Progress version would be a help too please.

Posted by Brian K. Maher on 09-Jul-2015 09:14

It would be nice to see the code.

Posted by TheMadDBA on 09-Jul-2015 09:30

Like the others have said we need to know exactly what version of Progress and OS you are running. If you are running anything fairly recent then 4 digit extensions should not be an issue.

We need to know the exact file name and path you are trying to write to and if you can write other extensions to that same path.

Posted by Venky on 09-Jul-2015 10:05

Version is > 11.

code is

s-filename = 'TestFile' + "." + s-fomat:screen-value.(this is '.txt' or '.htm')

'output to value(s-filname) no-convert.'

This is a piece of code that is writing to a default working directory.

Would it be a case of second session trying to write to the same file before first session is complete writing. I say this because the file name is always TestFile.'extension'.

Yes, I do have write access to this folder.

Posted by TheMadDBA on 09-Jul-2015 10:11

Possibly. If you have multiple sessions sharing the same folder then it is likely.

Writing to the same file name without doing some kind of overwrite protection is generally considered "a bad thing". You can put a SEARCH(s-filename) in your code to see if the file is there or not and react appropriately.

Posted by Brian K. Maher on 09-Jul-2015 10:38

One comment ...

s-filename = 'TestFile' + "." + s-fomat:screen-value.(this is '.txt' or '.htm')

The comment in the above line seems to imply that the s-format:screen-value will return a value which includes the period.  If so, you code will end up with file names like venky..htm.  :-)

Posted by Venky on 10-Jul-2015 00:51

Regarding TestFile..txt - this is not a problem. s-format:screen-value is only 'htm' or 'txt'

I tried simultanious writing to same file(writing to same file before closing output stream) scenario on editor and it works alright

Posted by TheMadDBA on 10-Jul-2015 05:44

With the same userid this may be correct depending on your OS. The file of course will likely be garbage since only one can "win".

We are missing part of the puzzle here as to why you are getting this error. Obviously something is different with the environment or code than this simple example.

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