Openedge Rest and Tomcat Virtual Hosts

Posted by sjellin.dovetail on 07-Jul-2015 04:43

Hi All,

  (Hope this is right place to post).

   OpenEdge 11.4, i've generated a WAR file from my project.

   I'm trying to deploy my .war file to a virtual host in tomcat.  Tomcat install 7.0.62 on machine with java 8, and no progress environment.

   I created the virtual host in the relevant xml, and copied the war file to the file location i specified.

   It seems even though I did (eg) c:\program files....\tomcat\liveapps and the deploy is successful, two things occur

1. log4j is hard-coded to catalinahome\webapps (I can change that).

2. runtime.props is insisting on looking in catalinahome\webapps\ <-- is there some setting I change for this ? or do I throw in the towel and just rename my WAR file to XXXLIVE.war and XXXUAT.war ?

  If I deploy to the default localhost all works fine.

  The full picture that is to be in place is that there are a LIVE and UAT instance running on same tomcat (or i'll make it a separate tomcat instance if absolutely necessary on a different port).

  There is a 3rd party html app that uses the rest services. It was decided that there would be clientX.domain for live and clientXuat.domain for a uat environment.

  so it would be clientX.domain/app -> clientX.domain/rest
 and clientXuat.domain/app -> in my ideal world.

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Posted by Michael Jacobs on 07-Jul-2015 05:24

I do not think an OpenEdge REST .war file will run in your configuration.   The default root location the .war uses to find the log and properties files, plus the temporary service expansion directory, is rooted at ${catalina.base} + "webapps".     You can define the Java system property "openedge.webapps", which replaces '${catalina.base} + "webapps"', but that I believe that one value would be applied to both virtual hosts and result in one working and the other failing.  You can try it if you like.

You have a valid Tomcat configuration, but OpenEdge will not support it.   You may need to resort to using two Tomcat instances.   Of course this interferes with the plan to use a single URL space.

You may consider submitting an "idea" for OpenEdge to add support for multiple Tomcat virtual hosts.

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