Crystal Reports 2013 upgrade from Crystal Reports XI - OE 10

Posted by ajward on 06-Jul-2015 05:17

Hi does anyone know how I can get the code working so that I can upgrade to CR 2013? I believe that they have taken out the functionality from Crystal.  Help would be appreciated. Thanks

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Posted by Garry Hall on 08-Jul-2015 15:04

You didn't explain what was not working, so I don't really understand what your problem is in order to give guidance. Can you explain the issue you are seeing?

FWIW, I remember some discussion of the Crystal Reports COM interface being replaced by a .NET interface. If that is your issue, I don't know how big an effort that is, but maybe others have done this.

Posted by Rob Debbage on 09-Jul-2015 02:24

As Garry mentioned, the COM-based RDC was removed from Crystal Reports 2008 onward and there is no direct replacement so it comes down to how you were using Crystal Reports.

- If you are not integrating Crystal with your ABL application then there should no barrier to upgrading to CR2013 (but it sounds like this is not the case).

- If you are not displaying Crystal reports in your ABL application and only export or print them then you could theoretically continue to use the Crystal XI RDC runtime (which would normally be installed separately). Of course, support for this will become sketchier as time goes by and operating systems change.

- If you were displaying reports within your ABL application using the Crystal ActiveX Viewer control then you would need to replace this code with code that references Crystal's .NET interface.

You may need to jump through some hoops to get the Crystal assemblies in place (requiring Visual Studio, a separate download of the Crystal .NET assemblies as they were only designed to integrate with Visual Studio, etc.). Once done, there are a couple of simple examples in the Knowledge base (see articles 000013225 and 000056268) to give you a starting point.

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