Considerations when upgrading from 10.2A.05 to 11.2x on Wind

Posted by MBeynon on 02-Jul-2015 07:17


We will shortly be ugrading to the latest patch of 11.2 from 10.2A.

This will in the short term run along side the old 10.2A installation.

We make heavy use in our GUI application of the Infragistics components, currently at version 8.1.20081.2150.

My concern is "porting" the existing code using version 8 Infragistics to the Infragistics version that comes with 11.2.

Are there, any caveats, or pitfalls that we should be aware of during this process or will it all work seamlessly?



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Posted by Roger Blanchard on 02-Jul-2015 08:02

We have migrated from 10.2B all the way to 11.4 and the only issue we experienced with the Infragistics controls was the Excel namespace changed to Infragistics.Documents.Excel. I believe in the earlier versions of Infragistics it was Infragistics.Excel. Even with this change it was limited work for use the new namespace.

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