Skin-Client 3.0

Posted by on 23-Jun-2015 08:37

A new version is available:

It is a major update with all new libraries for HTML5.

The Skin-Client is our implementation of a View (for MVC) for OpentEdge systems, where the client is defining the view in OpenEdge ABL, but the view is in HTML5. The JavaScipt package is receiving information about fields, browser and so on as text via htt(s) and renders everything dynamically. The usage is very simple and pure 4GL :)


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Posted by Jean Richert on 23-Jun-2015 08:49

Thanks Klaus for keeping our Community members updated on your latest release. Much appreciated.

Posted by on 11-Nov-2015 04:38

We have now new and richt demos out to show the usage of 4GL to create the objects in the HTML5 UI.

You will also see, how we handle the trigger firering back from the UI in ABL.

Demo is class based, but you can use same technology with procedural style.

Have a look :)

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