Outline view case sensitive

Posted by tbergman on 19-Jun-2015 09:31

I may be having memory problems (the human kind) but it seems to me that since we upgraded PDS from 11.3 to 11.5, the Outline view for methods became case sensitive.

Is there a setting for this?


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Posted by Swathi Yellavaram on 22-Jun-2015 01:02


There is no setting available for this. This is an issue in 11.5 and is fixed in 11.5.1.



Posted by Patrick Tingen on 22-Jun-2015 06:37

This is an issue in 11.4 as well since I can see that it sorts case sensitive:

Posted by srireddy on 25-Jun-2015 02:18

Hi Patrick,

This issue is indeed there in 11.4 and 11.5.0 and i think it was there in 11.3.0 as well (im not very sure though),

This issue is fixed in 11.5.1, the issue id is PSC00204286.

Now outline view doesnt sort based on case of nodes. However there is no setting to fall back to previous behaviour (i.e case sensitive sort)

Hope this helps.


Nischal Y

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