PDSOE: Database Connections Screen

Posted by Patrick Tingen on 19-Jun-2015 02:05

In our database connections screen (OE11.4) we have approximately 100 entries. We would like to share these connections between the developers, but importing / exporting the connections works different than we expect (read: is buggy)

When some settings change, I adjust the settings, export the connections to an XML file and forward it to my colleagues. If they read it in, the changes are ignored.

Even when I untick the "ignore duplicate connections" checkbox, the old values persist. 

Is there a workaround for this?

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Posted by Swathi Yellavaram on 22-Jun-2015 04:44

Hi Patrick,

In Database connection Preference page, seems OK and Cancel buttons are working in reverse order. Details of imported connections (By unchecking ignore database connection) are persisted when Cancel button in pressed in Preferences dialog. For now you can apply workaround of pressing Cancel button. However this is an issue. Please report it.



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