Sample REST Source giving unusual errors.

Posted by mchuffma on 04-Jun-2015 22:10

After installing the REST IP Generator, I attempted to connect to the Sample REST Source given in the user guide. after altering the  oacreate_marvelservice.bat file to include my machine's username and the private and the private/public keys from the developer site, I ran the BAT file and received two errors. The two errors I receive are [OpenAccess error 3061] Authorisation failure, and [OpenAccess error 6854] Failed to cache configuration information. The only mention I found of error 3061 was for a MMC Snap-in, and I could not find anything related to error 6854. Does anyone have suggestions on tacking this issue?

Edit: Thanks Naveet, I will post this in the DataDirect Connect forum!

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Posted by knavneet on 07-Jun-2015 20:31

Hi -

I believe this question belongs to DataDirect forum. I would suggest posting this in one DataDirect forums so that it reaches the right set of people who can answer this.



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