Http client from 11.5.1 use it in 11.4

Posted by pedromarcerodriguez on 01-Jun-2015 05:16


 Quick question, would it be possible to use http client 11.5.1 in an openedge 11.4 installation?

 I can check if that is possible technically (I assume it wouldn't be a problem but I am in the process of testing it), but would it be Ok in terms of licensing? 

 And as a related question, wouldn't it make sense to separate support OO libraries from the normal cycle of releases, getting clients to update whole version is quite a big thing most of the time, when, unless there is a major version change, by just replacing some libraries we could get a lot more niceties with a lot less trouble, or am I missing something?



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Posted by Rob Straight on 01-Jun-2015 15:15

We have not formally tested the HTTP Clilent in 11.5.1 operating in an 11.4 environment. We suspect that it will work, but please be aware that this is not formally supported.

The HTTP Client is not sold separately, so the licensing terms and conditions for the version you are using continue to apply regardless of how it is used. There is nothing in the terms and conditions that specify that you must use the HTTP Client with the version of OpenEdge that it was delivered with.

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