Find Proutil idxactivate status

Posted by HachDev on 01-Jun-2015 03:51


How can i retrieve proutil status ? i mean when i execute poutil command from a batch file i need to retrieve the status of the execution of this command ,how can i get it?


Hachem Chraiti

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Posted by Garry Hall on 01-Jun-2015 08:36

IIRC, as a general rule, the return status for proutil does not indicate the success or failure of an operation. You would redirect the output to file, then parse that for messages indicating success or failure. For a specific utility, there might be other ways to verify that it worked as well. For example, to check idxactivate, you might look in the schema to see if a particular index is active. Others might have better information.

Posted by TheMadDBA on 01-Jun-2015 09:01

Look at the documentation for the _UserStatus VST. It will show you the status of various utilities but not the percent completed.

You could also look at the _IndexStat VST for that index and look at the activity to see how much it has done. I assume it updates the VST like other processes but have never actually checked.

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