Installing 11.5 Developer studio as eclipse workbench plugin

Posted by dziugasj on 30-May-2015 02:58

I  am trying to install 64 bit Developer studio as plugin into existing eclipse workbench (also 64 bit). But it seems that progress installer can not detect eclipse version correctly. I am using eclipse-SDK-4.3.1 (strange but in .eclipseproduct file it shows "version=4.3.0"), and installer throws error :

Supported Eclipse version: 4.3.1

Detected Eclipse version: 3.2.600.

Where to get supported Eclipse version ?  And can I user newer eclipse versions ?

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Posted by DivyaTheja on 31-May-2015 00:06

Hello Džiugas,

Developer Studio only supports Eclipse 4.3.1. No other versions are supported for version 11.5. To install to external eclipse, please modify the version from 4.3.0 to 4.3.1 in .eclipseproduct file.


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