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Posted by Thomas Mercer-Hursh on 11-May-2015 16:37

I have previously found cases where attempting to compile an include file with {1} type references will produce a LISTING file which is truncated, but which has part of the listing and the block summary at the bottom and there will be a small .r, but no XREF.   I now have found an example with a seemingly complete LISTING file, a 116KB .r, and again no XREF.  It would thus seem that, other than compile errors, the absence of an XREF file is an indicator of a failed compile regardless of the other artifacts left behind.

Does this seem reasonable, i.e., that the XREF is generated only after the compile is complete?

FWIW, the error which the compile generated was:

**FILL-IN sch_FrameTitle will not fit in FRAME ztitle in PROGRAM c:\work\IS\ISrel\src\ap\1099\1099iq1.p. (4028)

I am guessing that this is generated only after pretty much all of the r code has been produced so that the LISTING might in fact be complete.


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Posted by Matt Gilarde on 12-May-2015 05:01

The various listing files (LISTING, XREF, XREF-XML, STRING-XREF, PREPROCESS, etc.) are opened before the compilation starts and are closed when the compilation stops, whether it stops because it is complete or because there was an error. XREF-XML will delete the XML file if there is a compilation error, presumably because an incomplete XML file is useless. All of the other listings are left behind in whatever state they are at the time the compilation ends. Even empty files should be left behind.

Are you using XREF-XML? That's the only way I see that the compile would fail and not leave behind the XREF file.

Posted by James Palmer on 12-May-2015 05:03

I shall answer on behalf of the good Doctor - yes it's XREF-XML in use.

Posted by Thomas Mercer-Hursh on 12-May-2015 09:31

Right! :)

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