PDSOE Faceted project metadata error

Posted by James Palmer on 30-Apr-2015 15:21

Progress 11.2.1 on Windoze

I keep getting the error 

Faceted project metadata file "/ABL2DB/.settings/org.eclipse.wst.common.project.facet.core.xml" could not be read.

If I close and reopen PDSOE it goes away for a while and then returns. No idea what to do to fix it. 

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Posted by DivyaTheja on 04-May-2015 01:26

Hello James,

Are you able to see all the facets associated to your project(Project Properties->Project Facets)? Are you using any Maven or any other plugins?


Posted by James Palmer on 05-May-2015 05:44

Hi Divya, I managed to work it out eventually. The project had no Facets set for some reason. It was a brand new project. I set it as OpenEdge and all the problems went away.

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