Anybody seen this? (Businnes Entity error in spanish format

Posted by OctavioOlguin on 27-Apr-2015 10:32

Hola Amigos...

Does somebody faced this:

I have in a table definition a logical field, with format "Si/No" (actually all tables that I have turned to BE, breaked here).

after running the wizard to make BE, the .i file has a definition of format or initial value of a logical field with error... I have to return to YES where were SI and then it goes ok...

I wonder if is a bug, or am I missing something?

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Posted by Garry Hall on 27-Apr-2015 11:43

Can you share the exact text of the error?  I would guess this is a bug, but the error message might shed some light.

Posted by Fernando Souza on 27-Apr-2015 11:48

What is the actual line that gets incorrectly generated?

Posted by OctavioOlguin on 27-Apr-2015 12:05

This is the error on the code.. (i truncated some fields..)

and this is the datadictionary....  after this, all I have to do is chage the "Si" initial value to "Yes", but invariably (5 or 6 tables so far) got the value incorrectly defined....

Posted by Fernando Souza on 27-Apr-2015 12:28

I think this is a bug. It should have omitted the INITIAL value or included the FORMAT along with it.

I suggest you log a call with Technical Support on this.

Posted by SJProgress on 28-Apr-2015 01:33

Yes. I have encountered and reported this bug in 2009 !!!

Workaround at that time was to use "Si /No" (with a space after "Si " until bug is fixed.

Looks like they have not found time to fix this bug for 6 years now :-)

Posted by ezequielmontoya on 30-Apr-2015 09:29

Looks like an anglocentric issue. "YES" has 3 characters, "Si" has two.

Maybe Jean Richert can tell us if there is a problem with the french format "Non"

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