ABL Unit on Centos - Failure to invoke ABLUnit runtime

Posted by markevans2 on 20-Apr-2015 06:22

Hi ABLUnit Guru's

I need your help. I'm running OE115 (64bit) on centos (64bit). I've copied ablunit.pl from a OE115 windows (PSODE) envirnment 
and used PCT-194 and used relevant ant-ablunit.jar.

I cant seem to get ABLUnit running tests for me. Below is my Ant build.xml file

<target name="ablunit-taskdef">
<taskdef name="ablunit"
classpath="/usr/ant/apache-ant-115/lib/ant-ablunit.jar" />

<target name="unit-test-application" depends="ablunit-taskdef">
<!-- This peice runs the unit test suite -->
<echo>Apply procedure, function and class unit tests to application ...</echo>

<ablunit dlc="/psc/115/dlc" environment="tty"
printsummary="true" haltonerror="no" haltonfailure="no" tempdir="${base.dir}/${build.area.dir}">
<dbinfo name="/mnt/xvdp/fw-ut/beta/${test.area.dir}/${db.name}.db" />
<pathelement location="${base.dir}/${build.area.dir}/UnitTests" />
<pathelement location="${base.dir}/${test.area.dir}/fw-${release}.pl" />
<pathelement location="/psc/115/dlc/tty/ablunit.pl" />
<pathelement location="/psc/115/dlc/tty/OpenEdge.Core.pl" />
<test name="${base.dir}/${build.area.dir}/UnitTests/Frameworks/Enumerations/utAttributeOwnerEnum.cls"
format="xml" />


Output from the Ant task is: 


[echo] Apply procedure, function and class unit tests to application ...
[ablunit] Running /frameworks/fw-ut/beta/tmp/UnitTests/Frameworks/Enumerations/utAttributeOwnerEnum.cls
[ablunit] Failure to invoke ABLUnit runtime
[ablunit] start: missing job name
[ablunit] Try `start --help' for more information.

Total time: 0 seconds

What have I missed in my configuration. I don't know what to do next. Help!

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Posted by bronco on 20-Apr-2015 06:39

Under Linux you can't specify the destDir attribute (it's a bug). If you omit the destdir attribute it should work (at least, it did in my case). hth

Posted by markevans2 on 22-Apr-2015 17:20

Thanks bronco, I already took that out of the script - It must be something in my configuration - could I ask what PSC version, PCT version and ant-ablunit.jar you are using ?

Cheers Mark

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