Progress.Windows.Form and Telerik RadForm / RadRibbonForm

Posted by Mike Fechner on 20-Mar-2015 01:51

Unlike Infragistics the Telerik Form Styling is based on inheriting from their Form base classes: One with and one without the Ribbon.

Does Progress/Telerik plan to provide versions of the RadForm and RadRibbonForm that also provide the extensions that the Progress.Windows.Form provides to the System.Windows.Forms.Form?

Otherwise we are going to lose a bunch of interoperability features between ABL Window widgets and Telerik .NET Forms.

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Posted by Matt Gilarde on 20-Mar-2015 03:39

We're planning to do this in 11.6. There will be Progress.Windows.RadForm, Progress.Windows.RadRibbonForm, and Progress.Windows.ShapedForm classes which have the same features as Progress.Windows.Form. There will also be corresponding versions of Progress.Windows.MDIChildForm. The usual disclaimers apply (our plans can change, it may be different than what I wrote here, etc.).

Posted by Mike Fechner on 21-Mar-2015 17:36

Thanks Matt, this is helpful to know!

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