XML Schema 1.1 support in OE 11.3.x

Posted by toomaskask on 17-Mar-2015 11:20


Does OpenEdge 11.3.x support XML validation against XSD version 1.1?

I have process which is listening Sonic queue and processes incoming messages containing xml's.

Some on xml's are using XML Schema 1.1 and some of them XML Schema 1.0.

To process them I must first validate them.

When I tried validate example xml using DOM parser I got message:

X-NODEREF or X-DOCUMENT LOAD got an error: 'invalid element 'assert' in complex type definition'. (9082)

As far as I know, OE uses Xerces-C++ 3.1.1 which is almost 5 years old and does not support XML Schema 1.1. 

Any ideas what do to?



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Posted by Jean Richert on 18-Mar-2015 11:40

I have reached out some of our technical support and engineering resources and was told that we only support XML standard 1.0. Maybe someone following this forum/group would be able to provide you with an alternative to work around your current issue.

Posted by ntwatkins on 19-Mar-2015 10:20

On what platform are you trying to validate the xml file (windows, Linux, etc.)?

Posted by toomaskask on 23-Mar-2015 06:14

Linux (CentOS).

Seems to me, that only working solution is to use Xerces-J and put some wrapper around it.

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