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Posted by on 11-Mar-2015 19:41

Hello All,

I am trying a socket connection to a URL( can be any say through an open edge connection, i know my office has a proxy setting, i got any sample code  from progress kbase, showing how to connect using sockets, but that code is not working it give the connection error, following are the details

progress 10.1B

OS AIX (i guess version 6.Xxx)

basically when i  try to ping using unix i cant ping, i guess the proxy is preventing hence i need to know how can we using a socket connection.... the requirement is to do a GET on a URL, which will return another URL which would be a HTTPS and then we need to give a xml form to that HTTPS site.....

Any help is appreciated  

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Posted by Marian Edu on 12-Mar-2015 01:33

Depends a lot on what kind of proxy do you have in between, it might worth trying to simply change the host/port on socket connect to go to the proxy instead of the actual server you want to access and then just send the HTTP request as if you were requesting it to the actual server... if it's a HTTP socket that does not require authentication it might work.

If it's a SOCKS server then there is a protocol to be implemented and that depends on the SOCKS version used, not so trivial though.

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