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Posted by Toni Perätalo on 09-Mar-2015 08:24

- We have customer specific tailored code directly in workspace directory (c:\customers\foo\trunk, SVN working copy).
- The code of base version (base product) is used through linked folders that are located on network share (\\server\share\product\v4.0\...)
- We have own program/UI for using SVN version control. The program is started for PDSOE from extensibility menu. Ant the program is made using ABL

- When I do not have the file I'm going to edit in workspace (working copy), I'll have to copy it from base product to working copy using SVN commands.
- I do this using our own SVN-tool that runs SVN Copy command and copies the file from the repository of base product into my working copy. After that our tool tries to open the file in PDS. (This is done using command line argument eclipse.exe --launcher.openfile etc).

Now the problem is, the file is opened from the linked folder (\\server\share\product\v4.0\...)) not from the working copy. And this is because the workspace is not refreshed and eclipse is not aware of that the file already is also in the workspace.

So, is it possible to refresh the workspace or even better, the certain folder, from ABL code directly or trough command line?

Workspace options "Refresh using native hooks..." or "Refresh on access" won't help, because workspace is refreshed too late... It seems to be possible to write an eclipse plugin using Java that can then refresh the workspace (http://wiki.eclipse.org/FAQ_When_should_I_use_refreshLocal%3F) But I cannot write plugins yet and even if I could, I would need a way to run that plugin from ABL Code :)

Any ideas?

We are mainly using 11.3 but changing to 11.5 in the near future.

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Posted by DivyaTheja on 10-Mar-2015 08:37

To my knowledge, since linked folders are from eclipse, this can be done via java program. Writing a batch file to run java program and ablcode to run that batch file might help.

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