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Posted by dbeavon on 09-Mar-2015 08:05

We are really happy with the increased level of productivity that the PDSOE gives us. Features like autocomplete and "intellisense" can give an extremely helpful boost in productivity when they are working properly. --- One feature that doesn't seem to work properly in all cases is the intellisense feature that allows us to look up an ABL program for a "RUN" statement. In other words, if you type "RUN Path1/" it finds and lists "Path1/Path2/" if that exits in the current project. Then if you select that from the list, then you get a new list of options for available paths and programs within "RUN Path1/Path2/". Finally you are allowed to pick a program ("MyProgram.p"). The expectation is that the final result will be the full statement: ---- "RUN Path1/Path2/MyProgram.p.". ---- However, this is rarely the case. Upon selection of the ABL program, the result is that the "Path1/Path2/" segments are actually *removed* and the statement becomes simply !!!! "RUN MyProgram.p" !!!! which is not in PROPATH and is not a valid ABL program to be run (unless the extra context provided by "Path1/Path2"). ---- As it turns out, there is a way to get this feature working properly but the work-around is very time-consuming and non-intuitive. If, at the start of every PDSOE working session, you delete your projects and re-import them. Then for that session ONLY your intellisense options will retain the full RUN statements as expected: ---- "RUN Path1/Path2/MyProgram.p.". --- As soon as you quit Eclipse and come back in, your intellisense options will revert to "RUN MyProgram.p". ---- Can someone please confirm this behavior in 11.3 and 11.4? For us it happens regardless of the product version or the Eclipse version. ---- Is this worthy of another support call to Progress? Thanks in advance, David

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Posted by Håvard Danielsen on 09-Mar-2015 08:20

Yes, you should call Support. You are describing a bug.  I have not tested 11.3. or 11.4, but it exists in my current newer version.

Posted by Tim Kuehn on 09-Mar-2015 08:51

I had this happen with a project I was working on, and suspected it was either a corrupted project or workspace.

Contact TS about htis.

Posted by Tim Kuehn on 09-Mar-2015 09:01

I closed my case as I couldn't come up with a consistent reproducible - that case was 00282858

Posted by OctavioOlguin on 09-Mar-2015 09:03

I've tested it, in 11.5.    (Thanks for the tip, I had not used this option before).

It works like a charm in my projects.

So, you are facing some bug.

Posted by DivyaTheja on 10-Mar-2015 08:30

This problem raises because PDSOE doesn't have the information of the file path. PDSOE stores the information of file in following cases.

1. From its r-code file when PDSOE is launched.

2. when a file is created.

3. Any changes done to PROPATH.

4. Upon opening the project.

5. Importing the project.

6. Compiling the file.

For you to workaround, performing any of the above might solve the problem.

Posted by Tim Kuehn on 10-Mar-2015 08:38

That sounds odd, because when I had that problem the platform got the pathing right - and when I told it "I want that one!", it  then it wiped the entire path out leaving just the run target....

Posted by dbeavon on 31-Mar-2015 08:56

Divya, I upgraded to 11.5 and it misbehaves the same as 11.3.

I did notice that the "initializing openedge tooling" seems to be involved in whether or not intellisense will work.

The problem I have continues to be the fact that I can get intellisense to work as long as I re-import the project every time I open eclipse. Otherwise the run statements are replaced by the program name all alone when selected from the list (instead of using the full path).

Posted by dbeavon on 31-Mar-2015 09:00

Another workaround I've discovered that is less drastic than re-importing the entire project is to rename the specific folders for which you want intellisense to find programs. (mod/progs/findmyprogram.p -> rename mod to modx and then rename it back again).  This seems to prevent the entire path from being overwritten by just findmyprogram.p instead of mod/progrs/findmyprogram.p.

Posted by DivyaTheja on 01-Apr-2015 08:47

Hello David,

Yes. This is related to initialize Openedge tooling. PDSOE reads all r-code in workspace with this operation. This problem is a bug in PDSOE and can be solved with workaround mentioned by you and the ones added above by me.

- DivyaTheja

Posted by dbeavon on 01-Apr-2015 08:57

The confusing thing is you specifically mentioned "opening the project" as a workaround. In my experience it is the closing and reopening of the project that actually creates the problem.

In my experience, if I get intellisense working (using another workaround) and then I close and re-open the project, that is the point at which all of my intellisense becomes broken again.

Could you please point me to a KB # or bug # so I can track this? And can you help set expectations for a future fix? Somebody had said in the notes above that the issue was fixed in OE 11.5 and it was not. It took a lot of time to make 11.5 available on ESD, install it ,etc. I'd rather not spend all that effort again any time soon (upgrading to an SP or hotfix) until we have better confirmation from Progress that this is resolved.

Thanks, David

Posted by DivyaTheja on 02-Apr-2015 06:34

Hello David,

Now, I can see that reopening the project once again creating the same problem :(. Here is the bug number, PSC00330222 for your reference.

- DivyaTheja

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