how to rollback the transaction while system crash /sudden

Posted by ravikanth on 08-Mar-2015 11:39

I am updating the data upto 1,00,000 at a point of 97653  the system crash happen ,i am trying to rollback the  transaction

the records not get reflected to the database & buffer screen ,can anyone help on it,if possible ,please let me send the code

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Posted by OctavioOlguin on 08-Mar-2015 18:04

1,000,000? that's a huge transaction,  some procedure I designed wrong some time ago, run out of resources  near 5,000 records processed, in any case this is in theory what you should be doing:

(the trick is the do transaction to widen your scope to catch all the process in one transaction, and the handling of roll back will be  handled by database itself, transparently to you)..


   FOR EACH (onemillionrecords query):

            ... do_something_to_record.....



Posted by ravikanth on 09-Mar-2015 00:46

Thanking you Octavio,

 for your kind information if any suggestion ,please give me

Posted by James Palmer on 09-Mar-2015 03:41

For consistency, here is my response to your question on ProgressTalk:

Be aware that large transaction is generally bad practise. You want your transactions to be tight and quick. If you're updating a lot of information with a chance the transaction might roll back then obviously the system has to keep a track of this. Your BI will grow, and you'll probably run into lock table overflows.

An all or nothing approach like you describe needs some very careful thought and should only be used where absolutely necessary.

Posted by Brian K. Maher on 09-Mar-2015 07:59

You need to tell us what exactly happened.  List any error messages.  If you truly crashed (i.e. a protrace.* file was created) then you need to post the contents of that protrace file.

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