My PDSOE came to a halt.

Posted by OctavioOlguin on 04-Mar-2015 13:27


Does anybody had this problem before?

my devel studio, all the way, from 11.3, shows me  errors after asking for item properties:

(3135) , (3140) involving X of widget, and also for LOAD-MOUSE-POINTER inability as the widget did not exists..

it came to a point that sometimes I have to restart the pdsoe as any click (in appbuilder perspective) fires a lot of messages like the ones mentioned.

This problem has endured upgrade to pdsoe , also reinstalling it from fresh, even reformatted machine once...

I use the large icon set for the mouse, and configured eclipse to open code editor with double click.  These are the two options I can see that could be of interest for this issue...

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Posted by Evan Bleicher on 05-Mar-2015 16:08

[mention:5fb282f9497e4978ab1df7bfce6bd01e:e9ed411860ed4f2ba0265705b8793d05]: can someone within PDSOE assist on this issue?

Posted by Håvard Danielsen on 06-Mar-2015 14:16

The problem is not known. The errors are familiar ...  but generic, and could be caused by any type of error. If the problem only occurs with certain settings it may be a bug, but otherwise errors like these in the AppBuilder dialogs indicate external issues (install, propath,hardware,memory and more...).    

Does the problem go away if you don't use the mentioned large icon set for the mouse? (Note that I am not sure what you refer to by the large icon set for the mouse)

The stack trace from the error could give an indication, assuming it is in Progress error message (white background). (use -debugalert in the project settings/startup and press Help when you get the message. )

You should contact Support to get the problem narrowed down and resolved and/or reported.    

Posted by OctavioOlguin on 08-Mar-2015 17:43

Thanks for answering,  i'll try to be more accurate (sorry for that, english is not may main language, abl is!  -little joke, pardon me-)

windows 8 - accessibility - mouse = Size of pointer (biggest, chosen)

pointer color  (middle option chosen)

pdsoe configured to open code section when double-clicking on a widget, instead of properties of that widget.

and (as dictacted by murphy's law) now that I try to reproduce, it won't misbehaves,

I'll post next time it shows, as I have indeed -debugalert, and will post the resources in the alert ...

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