Generatin xml file of a temp-table

Posted by HachDev on 26-Feb-2015 09:04

Hello ,

can any one help me to develop a function which generates an xml file from a temp-table (as a paramer of the function) 

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Posted by James Palmer on 26-Feb-2015 09:07

If you get a buffer handle to the temp table I believe there is a function on the buffer handle object called "WRITE-XML". Check it out in the keyword help.  

Posted by josephguerra on 26-Feb-2015 10:03

Progress has built-in functions for reading and writing both XML and JSON.

Posted by Dileep Dasa on 02-Mar-2015 23:35

Here is a link for WRITE-XML() documentation. It also has couple of examples at the end.

Posted by gabriel.lucaciu on 04-Mar-2015 01:54

Depending on the info you want to export from the temp-table you can use the info from the following OpenEdge documentation of "Working with XML":

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