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Posted by Thomas Mercer-Hursh on 07-Feb-2015 11:14

Tim Kuehn and I are considering proposing a OO "cage match" session for PUG Challenge Americas with the goal of contrasting his approach to OOABL with mine ... a contrast which has been apparent in a number of past threads on various on-line forums.

We are wondering what topics you would like to see addressed in such a session.

The topics need to be ones where the statement of problem does not presume the implementation, i.e., something that includes statements like "I have these two objects and I want to pass an temp-table between them and ...".  We need the statement of problem to be something that needs doing in the problem space which we can then independently propose an implementation to solve.

We are particularly interested in problems which lend themselves to expression in actual sample code since that will make the proposed solution very concrete rather than theoretical and means that, if there are questions of performance, for example, we can actually test them.

One of the topics proposed is to illustrate data access including single record and set of record with read-only and read-for-modification contexts.  This seems like a very common ABL requirement, but which might be implemented differently depending on the OO principles used.

Likewise, validation of a common field like StateCode.

We are wondering if there are particular problem types or topics which you would like to see addressed, presumably because you think there would be a difference in the way he and I implemented a solution.

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Posted by Evan Bleicher on 16-Feb-2015 08:03

Hi Thomas.  This looks like an interesting PUG Challenge talk, given that there are many approaches to providing functionality using object oriented principles.  Hopefully the Community will be able to suggest examples for your "cage match" with Tim.

Posted by Thomas Mercer-Hursh on 16-Feb-2015 09:02

We got one good suggestion from David Abdala on PEG.

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