Is there a way to regenerate the adapters.pamf file? Or can

Posted by waterfoul on 02-Feb-2015 12:42

I only ask because dealing with merge conflicts with this file is particularly irritating since it has xml files embeded in an xml file..... If there isn't a way to regen it is there at least a way to reduce the headache when dealing with it? Or is there a way to create the war file off the descriptors in the code?

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Posted by Tom Kincaid on 05-Feb-2015 11:29

Could please elaborate on what is you are referring to? The adapters.pamf file does not appear to be registering with anybody.

Posted by Tom Kincaid on 05-Feb-2015 11:35

[mention:5fb282f9497e4978ab1df7bfce6bd01e:e9ed411860ed4f2ba0265705b8793d05] does this look like a BPM question?

Posted by waterfoul on 05-Feb-2015 13:48

The adapters.pamf file i used by architect for the rest adapters end point and the restgen command to create a war file. it is stored in .services

Posted by Ganesh Cherivirala on 06-Feb-2015 05:55

adapters.pamf is the artifact created a part of rest/mobile project in PDS OE. It is a hidden file and not intended to play.

if it is deleted, it will be regenerated when we perform any actions in the rest editor (i.e. resourceModel.xml).

Posted by waterfoul on 06-Feb-2015 08:11

Unfortunately when I delete that file war_create gives "Error invoking method. Please check the options provided" and the service is missing from PDS OE so there is nothing to edit.

Posted by Ganesh Cherivirala on 09-Feb-2015 00:27

Error message is expected and war file generation depends on adapters.pamf. Assuming you are using PDS OE.

Please follow below steps for the generation of the file( i.e. adapters.pamf),

Right click on the resourceModel.xml file, select Open With option -> Others. Editor Selection dialog will open, select REST Mapper, resourceModel.xml file is opened in REST Editor. Now modify some thing in the mapper and save. It's regenerates adapters.pamf.

Posted by waterfoul on 09-Feb-2015 08:06

"REST Editor" is not listed. Do you know which .exe or .bat that is attached to?

Posted by Swathi Yellavaram on 12-Feb-2015 05:42


The option is REST Mapper. Opening resourceModel.xml file with REST Mapper Editor will open the file in REST editor. However to your initial question of merge conflicts with adapters.pamf file, the file is updated every time when changes done to rest/mobile services in project. File has all the mappings information. If this file is deleted, we will not see the services under Defined Services node under project in project explorer. There is no option i am aware to generate this automatically. Best thing would be to consider the adapters.pamf file last generated for latest updates to services.




Posted by waterfoul on 12-Feb-2015 08:37

This is what I get when trying to open the resourcemodel.xml with the Rest Mapper

Posted by Swathi Yellavaram on 16-Feb-2015 04:03


This exception does not seem right. Can you please share complete log for NullPointerException and Is it possible to share your project so that we can look at it?



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