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Posted by lefty1984 on 20-Jan-2015 01:53

How can I display a web browser in a Frame or Window with ABL? Im working with openedge 11.1.

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Posted by Frank Meulblok on 20-Jan-2015 06:12

You'll want to use an OCX/ActiveX control for that.

Most people that I know of go for the Microsoft Web Browser Control.

On the plus side, that comes built-in with Windows, and is avaialble in 64-bit version as well as 32-bit (something to keep in mind if/when you want to move to 11.3+ and 64-bit GUI client).

On the preceived down side, it does use the Internet Explorer rendering engine. I say perceived, because the older IE versions did leave a bad taste in many people's mouths, but current IE versions are much better in terms of performance and confirming to web standards etc. and it deserves a re-eavluation at least.

Posted by lefty1984 on 20-Jan-2015 07:22

Thanks, Frank, i've done it with an OCX/activex control.

In the future I can use .net.

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