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Posted by goo on 16-Jan-2015 06:23


I would like to check if it is possible to control a video camera from within OE. I would like to connect to a camera and view and hear from the camera. Would that be possible? Furthermore, I would like to use it over the internet (using VPN tunnel), so bandwidth can be an issue.  

Best regards, Geir Otto

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Posted by Matt Baker on 16-Jan-2015 08:01

What is the output of the video stream?  You would need a comm control or a .NET video control that can accept the data stream from the camera and display it.  There are no OpenEdge widgets in the box that can handle video, but you can certainly use a third party widget that can be embedded in a window.

A quick google search shows this one which is an activex control (doesn't appear to be free)

You could also find a windows WPF control that can be used with the OpenEdge .NET based windows like this one, (which appears to be free)

Microsoft also has a demo on their website of one:

Posted by Matt Baker on 16-Jan-2015 08:04

And this one which is more of a API, but it can display data to the UI.  This one handles multiple stream formats:

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