SonarQube: Idea for rule : Check correct case of class name

Posted by cverbiest on 04-Dec-2014 03:50

I'm not sure if this forum is the right place for this kind of discussion, I'm looking for a forum to propose/discuss SonarQube rules. 

Proposed rule : Correct class name case rule

Check if the casing (uppercase/lowercase) of a class name matches the casing of the source file-name.

Needed for code that is used on windows and unix/linux but is developed on a windows platform. These errors go unnoticed until the build is done on unix/linux.

Alternatively : Correct casing rule

The correct class name rule only checks for the name of the class. Maybe its better to make a rule that also checks other references where case matters . Using statements, class references, ..., run of external procedures.

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