Tools to parse an incremental df ?

Posted by cverbiest on 25-Nov-2014 09:07

I have to do some processing on incremental df's before they get loaded into the database.

For my current use case I need to replace the initial unknown of some new mandatory fields before I can load the df.

Another use case would be to only new objects in a df and reject changes to existing fields/tables.

Before I start writing my own I was wondering if there are any tools

1. to help parse the df and

2. generate a new one ?

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Posted by Thomas Mercer-Hursh on 25-Nov-2014 11:07

While the current code is for an base .df, it would be fairly easy to add to it to handle an incremental.  See

Posted by Marian Edu on 25-Nov-2014 11:24


zamolxis entity relationship editor supports incremental df and can generate them and since everything is loaded in a 'model' that can be easily validated and modified... though, this is not done in 4gl but java so maybe just make something that can send the model loaded from .df on the 4gl side by calling a procedure on the project's runtime, let that alter the model and regenerate the .df out of the updated version.

The diagram editor will be released as a community edition just in time for thanksgiving :)

Posted by Riverside Software on 26-Nov-2014 05:27

ANTLR parser for DF files :

Nothing available to write DF though.

Java project, no ABL available...

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