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Posted by fjpomares on 17-Nov-2014 03:56

I'm testing PCase tool and I'd like to know the opinion someone that use it.

Is It easy to do DB schema change in both direction?

Can I do any DB schema change in PCase without limitation?

Any other limitations of that tool?

Thank you

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Posted by Jean Richert on 18-Nov-2014 10:26

[mention:4bd3532f522f42229102058a0ff435ed:e9ed411860ed4f2ba0265705b8793d05] may be able to answer

Posted by ke@iap.de on 27-Nov-2014 06:26

Hallo fjpomares,

I am Klaus from IAP, we created PCase, so we use and like it ;)

You should decide, if you change DB in PCase or in DB. You can update an existing schema in PCase and you can update an existing DB from PCase.

But do this in both directions (traversal) may give problems.

I personally use PCase as lead schema.

The test version allows to try most of the functionality.

PCase is also good for documentation, it will allow to have Subviews (Groups of tables, like for material, addresses and so on). Theses Subviews can be organized, the whole schema may be a little to large to be organized in a good manner...

You then can generate reports for your customer in HTML or Word. This often - if the DB has enough entries in the description fields - to fullfill the need of the customer for getting documentation in that area of interest.

And you can generate code out of the schema using 4GL.

In a few weeks we should have a major new release.

hope this helps a little


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