Setting appointment body over appserver generates error

Posted by gdb390 on 06-Nov-2014 15:32


In our Mobile CRM we are creating outlook appointments in outlook.

vgch_Appointment = vgch_Folder:Items:add().

vgch_Appointment:Body = vcBody no-error.

If we run the procedure in a client session, it works OK.

If we run the same procedure on appserver, we get an error : Error accessing the property/method : Body 

Is there a way to set the body of an appointment over appserver ?

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Posted by Thomas Mercer-Hursh on 06-Nov-2014 15:51

What version of Progress?  What error?

Posted by gdb390 on 06-Nov-2014 16:05


Error occured when accessing component property/ method : body

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Posted by TheMadDBA on 06-Nov-2014 16:19

When you run the test using the 4GL client.... are you running it on the same machine where the appserver is running?

Is the appserver started using the same windows user as the client?

Posted by TheMadDBA on 06-Nov-2014 16:28

Also... If you are using COM objects they aren't supported by an appserver

Posted by gdb390 on 07-Nov-2014 00:43

Yep, client session and Appserver were on the Same machine

According to me, it is not An issue of security, because the appointment is made . I can see it in my Outlook. IT is only the body that is not set

We copy a blob Field into the body , maybe that may be the problem

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