Format string of TEMP-TABLE field via BUFFER-FIELD handle

Posted by keithg on 30-Oct-2014 18:01

V9.1E, on Windows:

I have some code that is accessing a static temp-table via buffer objects, and I found that the FORMAT attribute returns "x(8)" regardless of the "FORMAT" option specified on the temp-table's definition.  Retrieving the STRING-VALUE results in a string always truncated to 8 characters.  Is this a bug in V9.1E, or is there something I'm overlooking?

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Posted by mihai.pintea on 31-Oct-2014 02:37

The thing is  when you get the buffer-field handle for a temp-table it assign the format as "x(8)" so the string-value return the first 8 chars. to avoid this you can Reassign the format for the buffer field handle.

For more details see the following link:

Posted by Stefan Drissen on 31-Oct-2014 06:04

Add RCODE-INFORMATION to your static temp-table definition.

Posted by keithg on 07-Nov-2014 21:01

Thanks, guys!  I thought there was a trick for this--didn't know there were two.

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